MAST Europe Ltd was established in 2011 and is focused on the production of master alloys on the basis of non-ferrous metals-, and ferrotitanium as well as rare-earth materials and fertilizer trading. We are a dynamically developing company with the objective of being a reliable supplier of high-quality metallurgical products for a wide range of consumers.

Positive production dynamics archived year by year: 4700 mt (2013) 8100 mt (2014) 10100 mt (2015) 11700 mt (2016). Constant modernization of equipment and technology improvement leads us to further productivity grow in 2017

Highly-skilled personnel

Fifty employees work on the production site and about 10 employees in administration.
The core of the company staff has over 15 years’ experience in metal casting.

Advanced technology

There are three induction furnaces used in production: one is used for non-ferrous metals and two for ferro-titanium. Advanced technology  coupled with a convenient location provides cost-efficiency.

Our chosen technology enables us to offer master alloys with a pre-determined composition as well as custom master alloys according the customer’s specifications.

ties with supplying companies

Close ties with supplying companies as well as scientific organizations grant MAST Europe solid foundation for effective operations and sustainable development.